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Heather custom makes every cake (my sister in law)

PLEASE CALL HEATHER PERSONALLY AT: 973-361-3816 for more details

Heather can make you one to order and pick up the materials, She can give you a list of suggested items, OR you can pick up everything and she can put it together for you.

Diaper Cake
Diaper Cake
Price varies ($59.99- $199.99) Depending on what you choose for it.

Sweeeet Deal: - Generic Infant diapers; The center would have toilet paper, or something else in the middle. Classy dollar store buys around it.

The WOW'ER: - Brand Name Diapers throughout the entire cake and very nice buys over it.


Diaper Cake Ships in about a week!

Actual Cake Customers Email clips:

"I got the WOW'ER and everyone loved it" Brianna in Long Island NY

"I was on a budget for my friends baby shower, so I got the sweet deal. It looked amazing, everyone loved it. Nobody believed me that it was really as cheap as I said it was" - Sargupta in Towson MD

"The average cake is far from average, this thing was huge looked like it cost me $500 and took HOURS to make, Thank you Heather" - April in Dallas TX

"Sweet cake. price right. i use stuff very good. ship from america not lots, thank" - Shilo in Oslo Norway

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